Best Guide | How to download PUBG Mobile in Computer or Laptop

Hello Friends, If you want to know what PUBG Mobile is and how to play it, this post has been written about which you can read by clicking above. So, as the name suggests, you can download PUBG Mobile in your mobile which is totally free and if you want to play PUBG in your […]

How to get mobile numbers from one network to another

Best Guide | How to get mobile numbers from one network to another

Hello Friends, How to port your mobile number from one network to another, or you can say how to go to another network company, keeping the number number ie your company also changed but you do not have to change your number too. If you want to do the same then it is easy and […]

Best Guide | What is PAN card, how to apply online?

  Hello Friends, By the way, PAN is a full form Permanent Account Number which we can also call permanent account number in Hindi. In India, you can make PAN card online / offline. For the first time, on January 12, 1964, a PAN card was issued, which was intended to keep track of the […]

Best Guide | New Easy to Stop Advertising in Firefox

  The one thing that often uses the Internet is that many advertisements on websites are slowed down by using this internet connection, and if you click on them unknowingly click on the toolbar, malware and Virus etc. You may also have to struggle, in such a case it is necessary that you have the […]

How to apply "Up" button in Windows 7

Best Guide | How to apply “Up” button in Windows 7

When updating your computer in Windows XP with Windows intake, we find that there is a reduction in the Explorer which is the “Up” button and the Cut Copy paste button. These buttons look easy for a lot of people while working in Explorer. But their lack of Windows intake sometimes becomes inconvenient. But you […]

3 freebies to get free software

Best Guide | 3 website to get free software

However, there is a website on the Internet that provides you free software, but today I will be able to download three of my favorite websites from where you can download the free software (Freeware, Shareware) easily. The topic of this website has already been discussed in an article, it is one of the […]

How to remove your name from True Caller

Best Guide | How to remove your name from True Caller

If you come to a call from an unknown number, then there are many ways to tell the number of whom is present. One such solution is on the True Caller App. This also causes a problem of privacy that anyone can know your name by taking special numbers. Number of women in the family […]

Best app Free YouTube Download Manager

Best Tips | Best app Free YouTube Download Manager

Download Manager makes downloading very easy from the Internet. Downloading a lot of files or downloading a big file is the best choice to be the download manager. There is a new enhancement option in this. Eagleget has all the features of the download manager in it, and it also gives you the added convenience […]

Now Google will help you find the lost phone

Now Google will help you find the lost phone-Step By Step Guide

If you want your phone to be lost somewhere then you can easily find it or you want to know the status of your loved one, so your adroid phone and Google can help you in it. For this you will need the Google login id and password of that adroid phone. The name of […]

Download the app (apk) from Google Play

Best Guide-Download the app (apk) from Google Play

Android phones are now the most popular and one of the main reasons for this is to become Apps also. These apps can be obtained mainly from Google’s Play Store, but here you can find a website from where you can download the apk files on your computer. These apps can be installed on your […]