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How to activate Amazon Prime membership on Vodafone RED postpaid plans

Vodafone RED, like most companies, has taken a lot of effort in order to market their brand and entice their customers. From the lowest guaranteed bill, unlimited international roaming to mobile insurance. In an effort to provide its users with more benefits, Vodafone has revamped its RED postpaid plans to offer more data and bundled […]

How to use Bedtime feature in

The clock on your iPhone does more than just keep you on your schedule, the bedtime feature on your clock can keep track of your sleeping habits with the visual sleep log. The app is capable of keeping track of your sleep cycle by keeping a record of the days that you visited sleep on […]

How to right click using Keyboard on

There are plenty of ways in which to use a mac effectively while not resorting to using a mac at all. the number of keyboard shortcuts and bindings available out there makes it rather easy for users to perform heaps of tasks within the system. however there’s one shortcut that has been unavailable in the […]

How to use new Apple’s Shortcuts

WWDC 2018, Apple’s year’s developers conference saw the company revealing it’s latest Shortcuts app. This app is a sophisticated version of the work flow app that’s obtainable on the iPhone currently. This automation app permits you to form custom shortcuts in your iOS device. this could be bundled with Siri or it may be run […]

How to turn off in YouTube autoplay feature

YouTube, as we know, is accessed nearly on a daily basis by an outsized section of the net users. it’s spanned distance and platforms to become the one-stop search to examine everything. From the latest trailers or music videos to guides that instruct you piecemeal regarding a way to draw a funny taco (Yeah, it’s […]

How to clear on Android Google Maps search and location

Gone are the days of asking annoyed pedestrians or fellow commuters for directions and then ending up specifically wherever you started. Google Maps has removed the requirement for this by providing correct maps that show specifically wherever you’re, the destination that you simply got to head to, and therefore the route that you simply got […]

How to use offline Google Drive files

Google Drive is an amazing way to safeguard your info form the doable corruption of your memory device and to modify easy accessibility to your info from anyplace within the world while not carrying your things around. Launched in 2012, this file storage and synchronization service that has been developed by Google permits users to […]

How to track the location without user’s knowledge a mobile phone

The world is evolving at associate new rate, technology and other people are growing and spreading in a world that’s slowly changing into smaller. however this hasn’t reduced the danger that would be gift behind each corner. It’s not uncommon to search out ourselves worrying a couple of honey and therefore the dangers that they […]

How to enable Windows PC in pip mode

The android oreo (Android 8) brought picture-in-picture mode, one of the sought-after features available ever since its debut. though golem candy has had the split-screen mode going for them, this feature wasn’t designed by keeping video playback as a priority. though the quantity of apps that provide support for golem eight is proscribed, a lot […]

How to check in windows 10 battery health

Though all the specifications that you have loaded your pc up with are important to how well it functions, all of those square measure of no use if the battery life is faulty. luckily, Windows ten has options obtainable that enable you to stay a watch on the standing of your portable computer’s health and […]