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How to find pictures of pictures taken from your smartphone

How to find pictures of pictures taken from your smartphone

Over the years, smartphones have become an important part of our lives. If we say that the smartphone is like a member of our family then it will not be wrong. Smartphone companies like smartphones have changed even as technology has changed. The camera is included as one of the best features in smartphones. Smartphones […]

How to Protect Android Smartphones from Hacking

How to Protect Android Smartphones from Hacking

Hanking in today’s virtual era is a very common but very serious issue. Often we use our smartphones in a very uncomfortable way, but our only mistake is to call the hackers, which makes it very easy to break on our smartphone. How to Protect Your Phone From Hackers Although it is said that its […]

How to play PUMG smartphone with low RAM-alwaysask

How to play PUBG smartphone with low RAM-alwaysask

In  the  Internet  era,  gaming  craze  is  increasing on  smartphones.  Today,  if  any  game  is  in  the  discussion  then it is  PUBG.  The  craze  of  this  game  is  made  by  watching  the  youth. Every  other smartphone user  is  interested in  this  game.  Some  people  are  unable  to  take advantage of this game just because of […]

How to Change Background of Your Google Search Page-alwaysask

While   searching  on  Google,  it  seems  to  be  boring  in  the  same  background  every  day,  so  if  you want  you can change the  background  of  your  Google  Chrome.  First  to  change  Google  Chrome  background Go  to  the  tool  options  of  Google  Chrome  and  click  on  the  extension  option , go  to  Chrome  Extension  and choose  […]

How to get back-up of your G-mail account-alwaysask

Last  week,  nearly  150,000  internet  users  had  to  face  problems  when  their  chat  boxes,  inboxes  and  contacts were  all  completely  disappearing,  because  Google  updated  their  storage. But  if  all  these  Gmail  users  had backed  up  their mails,  they  probably  would  not  have  had  any  grief  to  lose  the  last  mail. Gmail  has  to  be  backed  […]

How to transfer from one phone to another Phone all your phone numbers-Tecnology blog

Are  you  going  to  buy  a  new   mobile,  but before  forgetting to   copy   all  the  phone  numbers and  other  information  of  your old phone,  you  can  do  many  ways  to  copy  the  information  needed  from  the  old phone. Which  you  can  save  in  your  new  phone  later  this  will  not  only  save  you  time  but  […]

How To Solve Daily Tech Problem

How To Solve Daily Tech

If  you  take  a  look  around  you  probably  will  be  the  most  gadgets.  There  will be  hundreds  o f names  in  the house  such  s  mobile,  TV,  DVD,  WiFi,  mixer,  washing  machine,  such,  music  system,  water  purifier,  which will be  counting  the  counting  night.  If  you  use  all  of  these  gadgets  then  there  should  be […]

How to recover WiFi password on

How to recover WiFi password on

People  often  forget  their  password.  Once  the  WiFi  password is  set  up,  it  does  not  need  to  be  used  again. In such  a  case,  it  is imperative  to forget  the  password.  It  also  remembers  when a relative comes and it needs to be logged  in  to  the  WiFi  network. At that  time  the  emphasis  is  […]

How to Get Rid of Evil Emails?

  What is the means of the largest communication in the world, just put a lot of emphasis on your mind ….. Hey Facebook, there are many other platforms besides the Whatsapp app where you can share your talk with each other like Gmail. From college to office, work is done everywhere. But now we […]

Popular WhatsApp Plus app, but why is

Just like Instant Messaging App Whatsapp, another app whose name is also Whatsapp Plus is becoming quite popular among users. If you have downloaded this app either, or are thinking of doing this, be careful. This is a feck app, which has been designed to confuse users and get their phone data and marketing through […]