Best Guide-Download the app (apk) from Google Play


Android phones are now the most popular and one of the main reasons for this is to become Apps also.
These apps can be obtained mainly from Google’s Play Store, but here you can find a website from where you can download the apk files on your computer.

Download the app (apk) from Google Play

These apps can be installed on your phone at your convenience later. You can also use it as a backup, that means that when you need them, you can download and store them in your phone’s memory / memory card and install them then uninstall it.

Now let’s download an app
First go to the Google Play Store website.

Download the app (apk) from Google Play

Something like this

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You will now be on the webpage of that app
Here you have to copy the address of this webpage from your browser address bar
As well as here
Copy it

now you

Visit this website and paste the copied web address
Something like this

Download the app (apk) from Google Play

You do not have to paste the entire address here. You will only be able to paste com.gameshastra.krrish3thegame part of webpath so much

Now click on Generate Download Link

In a short time your app will become a link
Now click here To Download com.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx now click on
Something like this

Download the app (apk) from Google Play

Just download your app file.

Now connect your phone to the computer and take this apk file to your phone and install it whenever you want.

Keep in mind: – To download the downloaded app on your phone, first it is important to go to Settings – Security Settings and select the Unknown Sources option in the phone. Only then will you be able to install any app.

Download the app (apk) from Google Play

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