Best Guide | How to apply “Up” button in Windows 7


When updating your computer in Windows XP with Windows intake, we find that there is a reduction in the Explorer which is the “Up” button and the Cut Copy paste button.

These buttons look easy for a lot of people while working in Explorer. But their lack of Windows intake sometimes becomes inconvenient.

But you can get these buttons back with the help of a small tool.

The name of this tool is Classic Shell and it does some other work in addition to putting these buttons in Explorer, such as Classic Start Menu and Classic Menu in Internet Explorer 9.

These free tools are just 8.3 MB in size.

How to apply "Up" button in Windows 7

                                                                           Click here to download .

Download and install it when you arrive at the Custom Setup Step
According to the picture below

Its additional options
Classic Start Menu
Classic IE9
Classic Shell Update
Do not forget to mark to not install.

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Once you install it, you will be able to see the up button in your Explorer, along with the right cut and paste button in the menu bar. If cut-copy paste buttons do not appear, right-click on the menu bar and select the Classic Explorer Bar option.
Similarly, if you want to delete these buttons from the menu bar, right-click and uncheck the Classic Explorer Bar.

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