How to Block “Adult Site-Technology blog


Do  you  want  to  block adult  sites  in  your  home  PC  or  laptop  or  you  want  to  set  some  privacy  settings  in your  kids’  PC  so  they  can  open  just  a  few  selected  sites.  There  are  several  browser  extensions  in  Windows 7 and  Windows  8  that  allow  you  to  block  adult  sites  in  your  PC.

If  you  open  such  sites  in  your  PC  it  can  not only have  a  bad  effect  on  your  children,  but  there are  many bugs  in  it  that  can  leak  essential  data  on  your  PC.  Like  the  information  associated  with  the  bank or  the saved  data  in  your  mail  may  also  leak.

To Block Adult Website In Window 8

How to Block "Adult Site-Technology blog

1:First log in to your Windows 8 administrator account.

How to Block "Adult Site-Technology blog

2: After that go to “Control Panel” and select “Network and Internet” option.

3After going to “Network and Internet”, select “Internet options” where you will see the Internet Property window.

4:   After going to this window, select the “Content” tab option.

5In the tab option you will see the “Family Safety” option. Click in the “Family Safety” button

6 : Now select the account for which you want to set “Family Safety

7 : After selecting the account, give the “Family Safety” option “On”. Then select the “Web filtering” option.

8 After going to the “Web filtering” option, select “can only use the websites I allow” option.

9 : After this, set up your restraint level, however, most Adult sites will be blocked after setting, but if you want to block some selected sites, you can manually block their URL by entering it.

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