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Last  week,  nearly  150,000  internet  users  had  to  face  problems  when  their  chat  boxes,  inboxes  and  contacts were  all  completely  disappearing,  because  Google  updated  their  storage. But  if  all  these  Gmail  users  had backed  up  their mails,  they  probably  would  not  have  had  any  grief  to  lose  the  last  mail.

Gmail  has  to  be  backed  up  for  many  other  reasons  as well,  because  you  can  not  open  your  mail  without internet,  but  after  keeping  the  backpack,  you  can  sometimes  read  your  mail  without  internet.  There  are many  ways  you  can  take  several  backups  to  keep  Gmail backed  up.  There  are  several  cloud  base  services  on the internet  which  you  can  store  your  live  mail.  Or  you  can  save  a  backup  by  installing  third  party  software in  your  PC , laptop.

Use standalone backpack program

For this, first install the standalone backpack program in your PC and go to the site. After installing the program, you just need to enter the password and all your mail and contacts will be automatically saved in the program. These programs are completely free for windows. Besides, if you want to keep your backpack more secure then you can save Gmail backpack in the Email Keeper, but for that you have to pay $ 20.

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