How to make your WhatsApp account smart-alwaysask


Whatsapp is the world’s largest app for mobile messaging, which you can use in addition to the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones other than Symbian, Java.Just for this, your phone should have internet.

How to make your WhatsApp account smart-alwaysask

In WhatsApp, you can send photos and videos in addition to text messages, you do not have to pay a separate charge for that, the more files you send, the more data you spend on the Internet.

In addition to messaging, there are many features in WhatsApp that help you to use it more efficiently. IA know about some such tips

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If you want to change profile profile of your friends in your WhatsApp, first of all, save 561 × 561 size photos in your mobile and resign it to your friend’s phone number i.e. by removing the name of that picture. Enter his phone number. After this, go to the SD card of your mobile then click on the WhatsApp option and overwrite that photo by visiting profile pictures.

Many of you may like the last seen feature in WhatsApp Site, because it gives your friends a sense of when you were in the last time WhatsApp, but some people do not like it, if you also want to delete your last scene time If you want to download the Not Last Seen app in the phone, this will hide your WhatsApp last seen.

In the Whatsapp you can share photos, messages, but it is difficult to share large files. If you want to send files other than RAR, .apk, .zip in your WhatsApp, then for this

Then open CloudSend and connect it to Dropbox.

Now share whatever file you want to share with your CloudSend account.

You can share whatever files are saved in your Dropbox with the help of CloudSend.

If you do not want anyone to see your profile picture in a What’s App, install WhatsApp Plus in your phone, this will hide the save profile in your account as Hyde.

To install the Whatsapp theme, install the WhatsApp Plus Holo application in your phone, which will allow you to install many themes in your WhatsApp app account.

To download Auto image in the Whatsapp app, go to Settings-> Chat Settings-> Media auto-download and select the option according to your convenience.

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