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In  the  Internet  era,  gaming  craze  is  increasing on  smartphones.  Today,  if  any  game  is  in  the  discussion  then it is  PUBG.  The  craze  of  this  game  is  made  by  watching  the  youth. Every  other smartphone user  is  interested in  this  game.  Some  people  are  unable  to  take advantage of this game just because of their smartphone because the smartphone does not support this game.

How to play PUMG smartphone with low RAM-alwaysask

This game has created a huge player base not only in India but also in the whole world.The company has launched this game in many gaming platforms. The game has achieved the highest popularity in PC and mobile versions. That Tencent Games had to launch the Light version of this game, so users with Low-End devices could also play this game.

Play every phone in PUBG

Actually this game has a good demand for RAM, every smartphone does not have so much RAM, so it has to sit and beat those users who want to play it but now it will not happen.If your smartphone is less RAM You can also enjoy this game in the light version, though the light version is slightly different from the normal version. Its map is small and The graphics are also a little too. The features in the light game are also a little less. For many users, it is difficult to play this game in their low-end device.

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GFX tools, developed by some manufacturers, are very useful. Through these tools, you will also be able to play normal versions in your low-RAM smartphones. This tool helps you optimize your device according to the game and gives you better performance and graphics. The ‘GFX Tool’ app developed by Tsoml, located on the Google Play Store, is an excellent performance annexor app.

Use this app to increase the performance of the game

1. Download the GFX Tool app developed by tsoml from Google Play Store.

2. Then install and open. Now you will see a lot of options in it. You have to change these options according to your smartphone

3. Then choose the correct version of the installed PUBG Mobile game. In this, GP means the normal global version. CN means Chinese version, KR means Korea version, Beta means beta version and Lite is the light version of PUBG Mobile. If you live in India and you have downloaded the game in a normal way from the Google Play Store, then you have to choose GP.

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4.Now is the next option resolution. This is to choose the most supported resolution.

5. Then you have to choose the graphics accordingly. ‘Balanced’ means that the use of graphics and battery in the game will be equal and HDR means that the maximum use of the hardware in the smartphone is to be used. The more good the performance you would like, the app will use your smartphone’s hardware resources as much as possible.

6. FPS comes in the next option, in which you have to choose FPS accordingly.

7.Anti-aliasing option is for Smooth Texture. We will offer users with budget device to keep it disable. However, users with high-end devices can choose any option in their 2X and 4X options. . As much anti-aliasing is happening, the texture is smoother

8. You can choose style and shadow according to your mind. It only makes a slight change in the look.

9. Then you can save the game by clicking on the ‘Accept’ setting and then clicking on ‘Run Game’ you can play the game.

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