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How to Send a Web Browser from Text Messages like Whatsapp

Google is launching a new version of your messaging app for Android, in which you will be able to use “Messages for Web” like Whatsapp. With this new feature, without using a smartphone, you can send an SMS from the direct web browser. After years of hard work, Google has prepared a message app that features more attention on UI and app functions with new features. There will be an option for the most special “Messages for Web”.

In the new features “GIFSearch” inside the app, “smart reply” for the messages in English language, so that users can reply to messages in a single tap, preview the link to the messages so that you have a brief snippet of the website and the current The necessary features like app copying OTP from the Direct Notification Bar without having the app been given are given.

For “Smart Reply” and “Link preview” option, you have to navigate both options by going to the message app, and it’s as easy to toggle. Copying OTP from the notification and GIF search already enabled.

However, it has the most main “web for messages” because it brings Android messaging closer to Apple’s iMessage. By the way, the Google “Message” app works as a relayed storage, show, and managing SMS in its Pixel and Nexus lineups. As mentioned above, it will work like Whatsapp for the web. Therefore, your phone must always be connected to the Internet in order to access it. Only then will you be able to see and send new SMS.

Connecting the Android app to “Web for Messages”

First of all open the website for “Messages for Web”, where you will have a QR code show. After this, open the messaging app on your android phone, tap the 3 dot menu on the top right corner and select “Web for Messages” and then scan it with the “scan QR code” on the website. If you have a personal computer, you do not need to scan again and again, click on “Remember” option.

Smart reply and link preview

After scanning the QR code, it will take a few seconds to encrypt the app and some of them will be sent to the storage in your browser so that you can navigate between SMS.

User Interface of “Messages for Web”

Messages change in “Messages for Web”, “Archived Message“, Google also has the option of “Send Feedback”, “Help” and the Last “Sign Out” option. Toggle option is also available with desktop notifications when new SMSes arrive.

Google has also given users the option of keyboard shortcuts. You can also send texts, images, stickers, and emoji. There is probably no built GIF search in the message for web. In addition, when sending dual SIM smartphone user SMS, use the Select SIM option. However, sync speed can be slightly improved. But, this is a simple and functional app, which is similar to the Google podcast app.

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