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How to use Incognito mode in Youtube

You’ve already heard about Incognito mode. Some time ago Google inaugurated this feature for Chrome browser. Because of the incognito mode, users would have an advantage that no one could know about their search history. This facility has now started in the U tube.

How to use Incognito mode in Youtube

The largest Internet platform for watching videos is YouTube. Now the incognito mode feature has also been started for YOUTube. Due to which no one will be able to see the content that is being searched on your YouTube, i.e. your YouTube History will remain secrecy. We tell you in our article that how you can use this feature.

How to Incognito mode on

Step 1: – You will find the feature of Incognito mode in YOUTube in the account section. You can turn on the incognito mode by going to the account section of your YouTube app. If you do not have the option of incognito mode in the U-Tube section of your Android smartphone, then install the new version of the YouTube app and then turn the incognito mode on.

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Step 2: After you turn on, you will get the option of Got it with some guidelines. As soon as you click on it, the incognito mode will be turned on in your YouTube account. Once you turn it on, the history of your YouTube account will stop. That means you will not know what you saw in the tube. Earlier this feature was provided by Google in Chrome only but now users can also take advantage of this feature in YouTube.

Problem of this mode

Let us know that during this mode you will be able to see only the content of the trending and home screen. Apart from this you will not get the option of Inbox, Library and Subscription in this mode. Also in this mode you will not be able to save any video.

How to get out of this mode

Now if you want to come out of incognito mode, you will not see an icon of your account. Instead of the account icon, you  will  see  an  icon  of  incognito  mode  that  you  can click on to get out of the incognito mode. After this  feature  of  YouTube  is  live,  the  person  running the channel can start a subscription service and ask for money from the audience for the exclusive content.

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