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How to use the Facebook search engine?

Facebook is a social media platform that everyone uses today. Most people use photos of others, posting status and so on. But in this article, we will tell you that you can search through Facebook, though the method of using Facebook Search Bar is slightly different from other internet search engines.

How to use Facebook Search Engine?

How to use the Facebook search engine?

1 Find Friends, Groups or Pages on Facebook

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Facebook has given some filters, such as education, work and mutual friends, which can be easily searchable. You can use some keywords to search the right person on Facebook. My friend, friends of friends etc.

2 hotels, restaurants

We can also use frames to search on hotels, restaurants or places on Facebook, like – hotels leaked by Lisa.

3 video search

Use keywords like movies, trailers, music to search movies, videos or trailers on Facebook. Apart from this, you can also search games on Facebook.

4 Latest News

Use hashtags with your keywords or use a related post, news or link.

5 Shopping on Facebook

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Use the Facebook Search bar to search the item and then slide it to the shop section bar and surf the result option, shopping easily here.

6 Learn the Facebook History

You can also search all your Facebook History. To do this you must go to URL:

7 Find a Phone Number

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On Facebook you can also search the phone number of anybody, the bus number should be public.

8 Find Photos and Videos in a Specific Time Frame

Well, just like Google, we can search anything in Facebook too. If you want photos of sports events in Delhi last week, then search for “sports event” in Delhi.

9 Job Search on Facebook

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Like LinkedIn and Google, you can search jobs on Facebook. In the search box, press enter after jobs hiring in [place] or jobs near [place]. This will show available jobs near your location. At the same time fill up your information and send it to the company to apply direct job from Facebook.

10 Use of Stalkscan

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Actually, Stalkscan is a website where you can remove publicly accessable information from Facebook profile. This website uses Facebook’s graph search to show details about your Facebook friends. You can find almost everything using this website. All you need to do is enter the URL of your friend’s profile and then seal the options. This tool uses the graph search of Facebook, so the site will only show things that are publicly accessible.

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