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Keep your Google Search History Secret

Everyone  is  presently in  their  smartphone or device. We need any urgent information, so we know easily through our device. These devices have many personal details, which we do not want to share with anyone. Google adds all the things we discover to our history, if we have to see that thing again, then we can open it again by going directly to the history and clicking on its link.

Keep your Google Search History Secret

It happens so many times that people or people who know us ask us to use our phone, but we do not want anyone to know about our search history, so we delete our search history, but Did you know that the deleted search history can be downloaded again? In this way, we will tell you how you can hide your search history from anyone.


Technology has progressed a lot. It also benefits us many times and sometimes even losses. We use Google to search anything in our device, from where we get answers to all our questions. You’ll see that when you search anything on Google, you get the same thing on Google’s history, so anyone knows what else you searched for.

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Even after deleting the history, Google will open it again and look at the setting, you get an option of the rest tabs, which will be known only by clicking on which tab you had previously opened. Due to this technique, your history can not stay private, but in Google where you get the option of the resort tabs on one side, you also get the option of the new incognito window.

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You can also open the incognito window directly by tapping Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboard. If you search anything on the Incognito window, your search information is not saved on Google History, and you can easily search for whatever you want. This incognito window has been designed with personal search in mind so that no one knows about your search. The search on the Incognito window does not show up on your resorts tab.

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After opening the Incognito window, you can use it by opening several tabs on your own. It works like a Google page but does not have Google’s Search History service and all your searches are safe. In such a case, if you are ever going to give someone your phone and you do not want anyone to know about any of your unique searches, then always search on the Incognito window.

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