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Lock your PC with the help of USB PenDrive

What if we tell you that USB flash drive can change all your types of passwords? In fact it is possible with an app predator. So, today we will tell you an easy way so you can easily lock / unlock your PC using USB flash drive. To learn about it, you have to read the entire article carefully.

Lock your PC with the help of USB PenDrive

We usually log in to the computer using a password and PIN, but today we have a new method to lock and unlock your computer that is cool in these traditional ways. Do you know? You can log in to your computer using your USB flash drive. Do not know if you know it. Yes, it is possible that you can start your computer from your pen drive.

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Its process is very simple and easy, and you can follow it by following some steps. Which we have described below in this article. See how to lock / unlock your PC using a USB flash drive.

In this method, we will use the PREDATOR software. The PREDATOR locks your PC when you are away, even if your Windows session is active. When you are away from your PC, you just need to remove the USB drive and after removing it, the keyboard and mouse are disabled, and the screen becomes black. When you come back to your PC, you have to keep a USB flash drive and your keyboard and mouse will be released immediately, and the display will be restored.

Step 1– First of all, download and install the software predator on your computer and it will be in ZIP format or UNZIP format. Install it.

Step 2– Now it will ask you to set the password and recovery, insert the USB and click OK.

Step 3– Here you can set any password of your choice, and you have also selected special pen drive here which will open your computer. Also, this will not happen with other pendrites.

Step 4– Your USB is now ready for use. You can use your preference to expand more features.

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