Make changes to these settings of your Android device for better function 2019


Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel, which began development in 2003. It was taken by Google in 2005. The first version of this operating system was released in 2008. In the past few years, there has been a lot of development and changes in the technology of Android mobile.

Make changes to these settings of your Android device for better function

Android has not only hit the company’s phone  with tech-like  tech companies such as Apple, but has also dominated almost 85% of the smartphone market. This is the reason that Android has managed to increase its dominance in the mobile market. So let’s talk about some such features.

Automatic Google Play Update

App developers come with frequent updates, which improve performance or take out bugs. You can install this update from Google Play Store. For this, you get  an  option in  the Play  Store  settings.

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Where   you can  click  on  auto- update  apps.  Which  means  that  apps  which  ask  for  updates automatically update Not only this, you also get the option of auto-update  apps  over Wi-Fi only to avoid using mobile data, so that the app will update as soon as your phone is connected to Wifi. It is important for you to get update notifications.

Google Play Protect App Scanning

This feature scans your phone to  look  at any harmful content. You can also scan it yourself. Play Protect is required to tap after you open Play Store. You can toggle the slider for the alarm-saving scan device by going to Settings.

Automatic screen brightness

Managing the phone’s lights is not an easy task, but you also get an option for this. Go to the display by going to the setting of your Android Device and choose the option of Adaptive Brightness.

Smart Store for Freeing Up Space

Enabling smart storage inside the setting’s storage takes care of your old photos. You can offload your photos and so they can not take the storage in the phone.

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At the same time, you can connect your phone to Wifi. For this, by going to Settings, click Network & Internet and selecting Wi-Fi. Similarly, due to VPN, you can handle your connections. Click on Settings> Network & Internet> VPN. From the Do Not Disturb schedule you can also avoid surveys because it closes the alert. You can manage it according to your own.


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