Some hacks that make everyday things easy


We are surrounded by technology all around. We are using technology every day in almost every minute. Without it, man can not even imagine his life. Talking about something, researching something, sharing stories of my life in social media has become a part of all our technology.

Some hacks that make everyday things easy

For all things like our everyday things, home work, we trust the technology by blindfolding. We want to learn something new in the day we come, so today we are going to tell you about some such things related to technology. Those you might hardly know. With this, these things can give you a lot of support in your everyday activities.

Some special tips

1. If you want to avoid periods while typing something on your smartphone, you just have to press your smartphone’s space bar twice. After which the incoming letter will be automatically capitalized.

2. If you are a student and want to search Study Material online for a quick topic of any of your subjects, then our pass is a great way for you. Type ‘site: edu [your subject] exam’ for this. This will help you find lots of links with many samples and lots of solutions from them.

3. Have you ever forgot keeping your smartphone in silent mode, or you do not remember where you placed your phone. Obviously, even when your phone is on silent mode, there is no point in calling. Explain, if you have a search engine device manager, you can not only track the location of your phone, but also bypass the silent mode in your phone. So that you can ring your phone for five minutes and you can easily find your phone.

4. Sometimes it happens that the voice decreases after some time of your smartphone. There is also a lot of problems to face. No, we are not advising you to change your phone. If you want to increase the speaker of your phone, you can do this by using normal household items. For that, you will need to create a phone stand slot from the toilet paper tube.

5. In today’s time, almost everyone’s home receives Wi-Fi access. Many times it happens that the Wi-Fi in the house does not work properly due to the fact that its signals do not work properly. This reduces the speed of your Wi-Fi.

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You can increase your Wi-Fi signal with the help of aluminum foil. Fold most aluminum foil into a rectangular piece and make a frame by folding its edges. After doing this, fold that foil into a curved shape and place it behind the Wi-Fi antenna. Doing this will increase the speed of your Wi-Fi.

All these tips are very beneficial to make everyday work easier. Trial about all these tips and tell us about your experience, how beneficial it is to you.