The easiest way to use online Google map 2019


In today’s era, Google Map makes our every way easy. With this help, we do not have any city or any place unknown to us. Usually we can use this Google map with the internet, but few people probably know that Google Map can be  used  without  internet.  In this case,  if  you  go to a place where the network is not available, because it will not be a problem. If you  do not have  a net, you can still use Google Maps. You have to follow these steps for this.

The easiest way to use online Google map

Android users follow these steps :

First you open Google Maps on  a  smartphone. When you do these steps you need to keep in mind that your smartphone has an internet connection and your Google Maps sign in. Now you can search for any place here. Click on the name below or the place of the address. After this you can download the map to view offline.

Follow the steps of iPhone and iPad users :

You open Google on your iPhone or iPad. Keep in mind that your internet connection should be turned on. Now you sign in to Google Maps. Now you can search any place here. Tap on the place’s name or address below and then tap More. From here you select Download offline map.

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In this way, after downloading the offline map, you can use it even if you do not have an internet connection or are slow. In this way you will not have any tension of not having internet. With this process you can also save your data.


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