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Want to hide Messenger Stories from friends then learn tricks here

The feature of uploading the stories that started with Snapchat is present on almost all social media platforms, whether it is Instagram or Whatsapp or Facebook. Now this feature is also present in Messenger and it is called “My Day”. This feature was first called “Messenger Day”, but Facebook changed it in November 2017 to “My Day”. Like all social sites, even after 24 hours, the stories are removed automatically.

Want to hide Messenger Stories from friends then learn tricks here

In Messenger we can upload photos, videos, and text. Stories can be from your day’s fun few seconds to any event. Making stories on Facebook is very easy, you just have to follow the steps given below: –

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  1. Open Messenger app.

  2. Tap on the Home icon.

  3. Tap on the Home icon.

  4. At the top left you will find the option of “Add Stories”.

  5. After creating your photo, video or text, tap the arrow on the right side below.

  6. Tap on next option to add more stories.

  7. You can select and send your contact to send your stories to direct messages.

To delete a story you go to the home screen. After that click on your story at the top and then right-click on the three dots icon on the right side and tap on the delete option.

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While posting a story in all platforms, there may not be anything that can be seen in your stories, even those who are not your friends. But Messenger’s My Day feature gives you many more options to share photos and videos.

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Facebook has recently given a fixed location by the name My Day for your photo and video stories, while making changes to Messenger App, where you can freely share the stories. If you do not want to share it as My Day Stories, you can uncheck the pop-up box after creating your photo or video. But if you are looking for a solution that is for a long time, then just follow some steps below.

Hiding Messenger Stories from All

Although there is no direct option that allows you to hide your stories on Facebook, follow the steps given below and learn how you can make your stories invincible-

  1. Tap on profile icon on right corner in MessengerTap on profile icon on right corner in Messenger

  2. Scroll down and tap on the option named ‘Story’

  3. Then click on “Custom” option

  4. And then tap on the “Change” option

  5. Messenger will now show your contact list.

  6. Keep in mind that you do not select any contact here.

  7. Click on the Back button

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In the given two options, you will pop up a box called ‘Warning’, which says ‘Nobody will see your story’ Press the ‘OK’ button.

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